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Web base Complete Billing solution for advertisers.
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You can create different type of users based on your requirement for the operating of system including:
  1. Super Admin
  2. Admin
  3. Sales Person
  4. Play Out Executive
  5. Manager
  6. Customer
  7. Broker / Agent
  8. Agency 

Super Admin:  
  • Able to create admin user, manage all website page 
  • Monitoring full website & user 

Admin User:
  • Same as super admin but he/she can't create admin user 
  • Create other company user like sales head, sales person 
  • All master table data entry like city, icon cable network, cable area etc. 

Sales Head and Sales Person:
  • Able to enter the information collection from customer, agency, users 
  • Management or information of (broker, agency & customer detail) 
Marketing manager:
  • View & able to enter customer, broker & agency information. 

Play Out Executive:  
  • Play approved advertisement with schedule and reporting for the same 

Collective Review:
  • Super admin, admin user able to view all the customer, agency & broker  user data, as well total advertise given by particular user, with payment details. 
  • Total payment receive & due from Customer, Broker And Agency.
  • Pending payment facility for agency, broker and customer
  • Pending payment based on days & amount.
  • Based on user type advertise report  
  • Monthly collection from agency, broker and customer.
  • General user (customer, broker, agency).