Video on Demand by Phone Software
Aplomb Technology comes with unique solution that will handle customer request with very limited expense for Cable Operator. Using Aplomb - Video on Demand Cable Operator can start value-added interactive service publicly with very low budget. Cable Operator makes this channel Free to Air to provide their customer a channel of their choice.
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Cable Software
  • Allow setting three Logo. Operator can set his channel logo and date & time specific sponsor logo, category specific logo.
  • DUAL VIEW support. Run Channel & same time do other work from same PC.
  • Shutdown/Restart Computer remotely through telephone line
  • Reports for the most frequent songs, least frequent songs, top 10-100 etc.
  • Attractive Transparent Choice Menu.
  • Waiting and without waiting facility.
  • Two Versions 1. Phone during the song One to Many 2. Phone after song One to One.
  • Support Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows NT with FAT32/NTFS partition.
  • Support Scala Info Channel Designer/Flash/Scala for Scroll Advertisement.
  • Timebase Song Settings.
  • Three Level of Category. Ex. NEW MOVIES ? DHOOM ? DHOOM MACHADE.
  • Auto Controlling of Repeated Song. When particular customer selects particular Song/Scene, it could be not added in queue, if that Video already selected by someone else and already in queue.
  • Queue Limit Facility.
  • Allow to set Menu at anywhere in Screen.
  • Support of different Voice Messages (advertisement) in Phone [DEPEND ON MODEM].
  • Full Screen advertisement between particular Videos.
  • Digital Clock.
  • Auto Play in case of no Phone Call.
  • Single Digit [0-5] Selection.
  • Unlimited Main/Sub Category. Like New Songs, Old Songs, Pop Choice, etc.
  • Time based Category Selection: Ex. Hot Songs at Night
  • Allow updating 700 Songs per minute with minimum typing.
  • Screen Colors & Appearance can be pre programmed to change every day to provide a fresh look to the channel on a day-to-day basis.
  • GIF/Flash support in Advertisement.
  • Flash, Avi, Dat, Mpg, Mpeg, asf, mkv, m2ts, m2p format support for Full Screen Advertisement.
  • Run channel as Free to Air option.
  • Easy to View/Edit Waiting List
Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM,

PCI Express slot in motherboard,

PCI Express TV Out Card (Geforce 8400 GS Sparkle),

500 GB/1 TB Hard Disk,

Internal FAX/DATA/Voice Supported Full Duplex Modem
  1. Operator has to start his own Music or Dialog or Comedy Channel with predefines choices. Cable Operator has to copy all Video Songs/Comedy Scene/Dialogs/Movie Trailers in Computer.

  1. Cable Operator has to reserve one telephone line for customer request handling. This line must be connecting with Computer.

  1. For this Cable Operator has to purchase a simple Personal Computer with below configuration:

  1. When any customer wants to watch his choice Video Song/Comedy/Scene/Dialog, he has to dial the particular number. Predefine choice menu display on his TV Screen. Customer has to select his choice from the menu. It will display on his TV Screen at specified time.
Aplomb - Video on Demand Software provide solution this way :
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